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Pro Kit I - with 105 cfm blower (2 lbs) 12 volt - 3 amp draw 12"H x 10.25"L x 9"W, 3 -replaceable Filter/ Cartridge/ Canisters (protects against organic vapors, acid gasses, dusts, fumes, mists), 6' wire reinforced clear hose



Pro Kit II - with 105 cfm blower motor (4 lbs) 12 volt- 4 amp draw 11.5 H x 8"L x 6.5 W replaceable canisters (3) protects against dust and  fumes, 6'  wire reinforced clear hose

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HVS Kit III -(New Design) Tunnel Outside Air comes with 170cfm blower,3.5 lbs,12 V-2.5 amp draw, and 3' Hi-Temp Aeroduct Hose. The tunnel design places motor in the center of air flow for cooler operation and lower amp draw, will cool driver without going into the helmet or will clear smoke from inside the car after burnouts

HVS Kit IV -(New Design) comes with 105 cfm 3" round inlet/outlet 4" fire retardant paper filter cleaner,6' clear breathing hose,hose connectors and mounting bracket(rotates any direction)